FEATURE | China eyes its next prize – the Mekong

Beijing’s islands-building in the South China Sea and their militarisation, replete with surface-to-air missiles, is near complete. With guile, threat, and coercion, China can now seize control of one of the main transport arteries of Southeast Asia, making a mockery of international laws and norms.

EDITORIAL: The great South East Asian maritime industry recovery

We continue to hear tales of doom and gloom about the Asian, particularly South-East Asian, maritime industry. Mostly, those tales are based upon the undoubted disaster that is the over-bought and over-borrowed offshore oil and gas sector. That sector, while obviously important, is not the be all and end all of the wider industry. And, even it is showing very definite signs of recovery after too many years of gloom.

New pair of Thai tourist boats

Most visitors to Bangkok will experience a ride on the Chao Phraya Express boats. These long, sleek, wooden, commuter boats, with their dramatically raked bows, are a staple of the river's traffic.

FEATURE: Teak dinner cruise for the Chao Phraya River

Visitors to Thailand, like the Thai people themselves, invariably comment on the diversity and complexity of Thai food. It is the result of many centuries of refinement and a dedication to fresh ingredients. From the beach restaurants of Phuket to the riverside restaurants of Bangkok, the food is a great national theme.

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